We offer unmatched quality when it comes to window tinting in Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire. 

Our dedicated team of professional window tinters will take car of all your tinting needs. With a lifetime guarantee and a price match promise, we will match or better any like for like quotation*

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Professional car window tinting - Hedge End Southampton

Window tinting

Window tinting adds security, privacy and protection to your car, truck or van. A thin layer of premium quality, precision engineered vinyl is applied to the inside of the windows, offering 100% UV Protection keeping your interior from fading and protecting your passengers, as well as a choice of darkness to suit your needs.
Key benefits of window tinting 

- Completed in less than a couple of hours
- Maintenance free once fitted
- 100% UV Protection
- Adds anti-shatter qualities to the glass in the even of a breakage
- Choose from 5%, 20%, 35% & 80% shade options
- Reduced glare and increased privacy for better security
- Skin protection - Recognised by the British Skin Foundation to reduce harm from the sun
- LIFETIME Guarantee

What the law says:
Rear windows (all behind drivers seat) - Any tint permitted, no restrictions
Front door/side windows - 75% maximum allowed. Failure to adhere to this will void your insurance and declare your vehicle unroadworthy with a possible fine and points on your license. This means that the only suitable film for front windows is practically clear, but does offer 100% UV protection.

3 door hatchback rear window tints are available from as little as £99*! 
  1. 5% Limo rear window tints and 70% maximum tint on front windows
  2. 5% Limo rear window tints
  3. 20% dark smoked rear window tints
  4. 35% light smoked rear window tints
  5. Factory - No window tints

Headlight & Rear light tinting

Light tinting offers two purposes, protection and styling.

Clear gloss film - Designed for protection only, adding a thick layer of vinyl to the outside of the light without affecting light output or appearance, but gives peace of mind especially on some of the more expensive to replace light units. MOT LEGAL

Gloss light smoked tint film - Gloss film, which is wrapped around the outside of the light. This also offers a large amount of protection from stone chips and surface damage while remaining removable. MOT LEGAL

Available from £60 per pair*

Number plate tinting

Numberplate tinting - offering styling ideal for show cars and events 
Gloss light smoked film, applied over the face of the numberplate. The numberplate remains functional and sometimes goes unnoticed, however we recommend this product for off road use only.

We also produce reflective stick on numberplate kits for show use only.

Dot Matrix

How can you tell if a car has factory window tints or aftermarket window tints? 

Dot Matrix lines. 

This is a silvery border line that will develop around the outside of some windows, mostly rear screens or rear quarter windows which has this dotted pattern. 

There is nothing that can be done about this, and nothing that can prevent it but it is important that you know about it and understand that it is completely normal.