Wheel wraps

At Monsterwraps we offer a range of wheel work, with options available to suit all budgets and requirements. 

Wheels can single handedly make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the car, wheel, bike, truck or van. 
The right colour/wheel combination can make for an exceptional visual experience, and best of all, it doesn't have to be a permanent change!

Our wheel wrap method is relatively new, but old enough to have been tested and developed well. Instead of a conventional vinyl, a spray is used instead which coats the wheels in a protective finish wihch can be removed at any time. 

Obviously this doesn't last forever, but it is perfect for changing the colour of your wheels on a tight budget, or for adding a layer of protection to your wheels to protect from road grit and environmental impacts.

Wheel wraps are completed over 1-2 days, and can last up to 12-24 months. 

Available colours - Anthracite, Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Gunmetal (flat), Gunmetal (metallic), Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver and White

16-19" Set of 4x Matte - £199 +vat
20-22" Set of 4 Matte - £249 +vat 

20-22" Set of 4 Gloss - £249 +vat
20-22" Set of 4 Gloss - £299 +vat

​Motorbike wheels - From £125 +vat

Package discounts available with full wraps or caliper work

Wheel Powdercoating

Powdercoating is a permanent reconditioning of the wheels and offers the most durable finish available. 

The powdercoating process involves a full strip down of the wheels, sandblast, refurb, and the finishing powdercoat layer. 

This option is preferred for long lasting applications, where durability and endurance is important, and if the wheels require any repairs. 

Wheel wraps are completed over 2-4 days, and will last for many years. 

Available colours - Any

Available from £70 +vat per wheel

​Package discounts available with full wraps or caliper work

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